Calm, strengthen and unify mind and body.

People have been practicing yoga for more than 5,000 years.  It combines deep, rhythmic breathing (pranayama), which invigorates and relaxes the mind with physical poses, (asanas) to strengthen, stretch and align the body.  One principle of its success suggests that essential thoughts and messages are delivered more effectively when the body is relaxed and the brain well oxygenated.  When you move more, you breathe more, which brings added oxygen and nutrients into every cell.

These yoga practices have tangible benefits that make them immediately rewarding-they increase flexibility, invigorate and restore the body, elevate energy, deepen awareness, support the immune system and pave the way to living a more mindful life. Learn More…


Sample Yoga Practices


Backbend Series Yoga Practice - The following poses help improve spinal flexibility, immune function and circulation. (Watch New Video)

Triangle Series Yoga Practice - The following poses help to stretch and strengthen all parts of the leg, relieve stress, stimulate digestion, and improve balance.  (Watch New Video)


Sun Salutation

Strengthening & Detoxifying Practice - This sequence helps strengthen and detoxify the body through a series of twists.  (Watch Video)




Rise and Shine 2012

Rise and Shine Practice - The following sequence is a quick morning practice that helps to awaken the body. (Watch Video)





sweet silence


Chakra Yoga Practice - The following sequence combines yoga poses and affirmations to help balance the chakra system. (Watch Video)



Hip opener main

Hip Opener Yoga Practice - The following series helps open the hips, releases stress and negative emotions. (Watch Video)



Tree pose

Balance Series Yoga Practice - The following poses help improve physical stability, mental and emotional equilibrium. (Watch Video)




Heidi pose button

Signature Daily Mindful Practice Yoga Sequence - combines simple stretching, yoga, breathing exercises and meditation as a means of connecting breath, movement and cosciousness. This connection enables a relaxation of the body and calming of the mind. (Watch Video)



Rise and Shine

Centering Practice - This practice helps calm and center you and is especially helpful after a more rigorous yoga sequence.  




upward facing dogSun Salutation Practice - This series of poses warms, strengthens and aligns the entire body. 




Bridge pose


Sciatica Soothers Practice - This following poses help soothe back or leg pain.


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