Resources & Tools

Mindful Body has compiled a comprehensive collection of resources and tools in the area of mind (being mindful, living in the present moment, accepting what is - getting into the rhythm of being.

Our resource database includes: websites, books, articles, video, DVD's, CD's, audio, seminars, classes, retreats, apps, blogs and forums.

TOOLS Check out yoga, meditation and mindfulness apps, tracker, video guide, audio guide, on-line journals, guided meditations, guided breathing exercises, yoga videos.  View our Top 20 list!


RESOURCES Provides general resources, reviews or recommendations in the areas of mindfulness, daily practices, yoga, meditation, breathing, spirituality or even parenting.  View our Top 20 list!

PLAN & PROGRAM RESOURCES Check out classes, seminars and retreats - yoga, meditation, mindfulness, wellness and even silent retreats! View our Top 20 list!


YOGA, BREATH & MEDIATION RESOURCES Provides resources specific to the areas of yoga, breath & mediation.  View our Top 20 list!

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