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“Yesterday is history, tomorrow is mystery, today is a gift, that's why they call it present...”-Source Unknown

Mind – A Daily Practice

Letting Go of Anxiety, Switching Off AutopilotDaily Practice circle

For most of us, a time comes when we question our life - Is this all there is?   Many of us feel overwhelmed by our responsibilities, commitments and sometimes our dreams.  Even those who know we have the makings of a good thing all around us find ourselves feeling anxious, unhappy, and wishing things were different.  We end up cruising through life on autopilot missing the small things that often end up being the most important. We struggle to tame our chattering monkey mind that jumps from one thought to the next at an exhausting pace.

But there are people who've applied a practice of mindfulness to help them quiet their internal dialogue, feel more peaceful and live life more fully.  They've used techniques like deep breathing, meditation or yoga to help them shift their perspective or change the lens through which they look at life.  To step back and see their thoughts and feelings in a new light.  To discover a sense of self deeper than passing circumstances and emotions.

Think of a Daily Mindful Practice as…See all practices - blue

…A practice such as yoga, meditation, or deep breathing that centers you and encourages mindfulness throughout the day.

…A way to ease anxiety and doubt, to increase feelings of peacefulness, relax the body, reduce pain and depression, and boost the immune system.

…A way to deepen your awareness and appreciation of the world around you.

…A means of developing a connection to a stronger, larger, more loving and openhearted self.

A Daily Mindful Practice, whether it's for five minutes or an hour, is the cornerstone of all Daily Practices. It builds a foundation of mindfulness.

How do I get started?

Getting started should be as easy as possible.  Explore your options to find what inspires you.  Familiarize yourself with our Mindful Practices.


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Additional ways to explore...

Option 1: If you would like guidance, we encourage you to begin with the Signature Mindful Practice, a 35-minute guided video comprised of yoga, deep breathing techniques and meditation.

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Option 2: Explore your options by choosing to Build Your Own Practice. Try out different practices, have some fun and find out which ones work best for you and most importantly inspire you.

Build your own mindful

Option 3: Try out a few combination practices- Other Mindful Practice Examples: 20-minute practice of yoga and meditation; 15-minute practice of yoga and meditation; 10-minute practice of breathing techniques and meditation.

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Review recommendations prior to trying yoga, breathing and meditation practices.

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