The Joy of Feeding Our Bodies the Things They Need to Thrive.

With more mindful eating comes a stronger desire for elements that make us thrive. Load yourself up with vitamins, antioxidants, moisture and phyto-chemicals Among the nearly endless benefits: increased energy, disease resistance, better mental functioning, better moods, increased metabolism, better vision, less hunger, and greater strength. Learning what you need, how to get it in a diet you enjoy, and the magnificent effects certain foods have can be one of the most enjoyable elements of a mindful life. As with other practices, start small and emphasize your awareness of the nutrients in your food and what they're doing for you. Pick something extremely realistic to start-experiment with adding more fiber or reducing saturated fats. Pay attention to how you feel when you're eating food, what it's giving you specifically, and how good nutrition is interacting with mind and body. Learn more about the importance and benefits of good nutrition


Nutritional Practices


FiberFiber Practice

MineralsGet More Minerals Practice


VitaminsGet More Vitamins Practice


Reduce fatReduce Saturated Fat Practice


TestNutritional Blood Test Practice


Green teaGreen Tea Practice

WaterDrink more Water Practice - NEW!


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Learn More About Your Body's Nutritional Needs

Understanding Food Labels Supplements


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