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By now everyone's well aware of the incredible benefits of eating healthy foods.  You look better, you feel better, you're healthier, and your mood-the underpinning of every decision you make-is better by far. But for most people this knowledge isn't enough.   We know what's good for us but we don't always do it.   And though we can harness discipline for periods, we usually revert to the eating habits that come naturally.  Whether or not they wear us out, or make us sick or fatter or more tired-it's an unfortunate cycle that reinforces itself.

So how do we make healthy eating stick?

Daily food practices offer a way to break down the often overwhelming issues of health, nutrition and weight loss into approachable components - small steps, added as you feel comfortable, that you've discovered work for you.

Start with something you can do easily - maybe eating 25 grams of fiber daily or switching out one meal for a big crunchy salad every day. As you begin to note the benefits of your food practice, try out a couple more.  See which you don't mind, which you grow to love. Chances are they'll start edging out unhealthy habits over time - not always, but as something you return to.  Then your daily food practices will have taken root.

What's a Daily Food Practice?

  • A healthy addition to your everyday routine that helps your mind and body work at optimal levels-as basic as eating more fruits and vegetables or as committed as adhering to a complete weight loss program.
  • A way to start really noticing how we eat and start connecting eating well with feeling well on the same deep levels that make us almost instinctually attracted to bad food.
  • A real-world step - eating 25 grams of fiber every day, keeping a food journal, or adding super foods like blueberries and broccoli to every day.
  • A way to slow down and become more mindful of eating - not just what but how - and reconnect to the effects both good and bad of our food choices.

How do I get started?

Getting started should be as easy as possible.  Explore your options to find what inspires you.  Familiarize yourself with our Food Practices.

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