Strength Training

Get Great Benefits from Small Amounts of a Consistent Practice

There are all sorts of ways to add strength training to your Daily Body Practice, and two or three, 20-minute sessions a week are sufficient to dramatically improve strength, balance, metabolism and confidence. Look through the practices and find some you can add to your life - the way you really live it. At home, in a hotel room, or in the gym and using free weights, weight machines, inexpensive resistance tubing or even your own body weight. With strength training, after just a few weeks of a practice with consistency and proper technique, you could achieve a more toned, lean physique along with noticeable improvements in your strength and stamina.The keys are to take on something you really can commit to for a while, and then apply mindfulness. Notice the muscles you're using, the strengthening and detoxification of the areas around them, and how this is affecting the way you feel and think. Learn more about the benefits and types of Strength Training


Strength Training Practices



NEW! - Kettlebell Practice



Situp on Stability Ball

Abdominal Practice


Pull up bar

Total Body Toning Practice


Leg press

Lower Body Practice



Bicep curl

Upper Body Practice


raised hands pose

Balance & Core Practice



Pushup on ball

Gym Strength Training Practice




Signature Daily Body Practice Strength Training With Weights


No weigths pic

Signature Daily Body Practice Strength Training No Equipment Needed



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