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Make a Pre-Designed Fitness Program Your Own Daily Body Practice

Depending on your goals you may want a fitness program that lays out everything for you. Or, you may already have identified a special program like Kickboxing or Ballet - or a certain provider like Denise Austin or Beach Body. Either way, think of them as your Daily Body Practice.  So if you have already identified the right program and provider for you, great, but if you need assistance we can help. Additionally, if there are still a few missing elements to your body practice you might find the missing link here. Explore the practices below to find a fitness program that you enjoy and can stick with or try out a new program to keep it fresh. Regardless of what path you choose focus on becoming more aware of how your practice affects your mood and body-during the exercise sessions and throughout the day.


Sample Fitness Program Practices

Activity JournalActivity Journal Practice


Personal TrainerPersonal Trainer Practice


KickboxingKickboxing Practice


Jump Rope - CircuitCircuit Training Practice


Boot campBoot Camp Practice


Dance classDance & Routine Program Practice


PilatesPilates Practice


Downward facing dogYoga Practices


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