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Many of us don't manage to fit in exercise even though we love what it does to our lives.  How it makes you feel about yourself in the moment, how it calms and centers you and makes you more confident, how it makes eating the right foods come easier. The challenge - for a lot of people - is turning exercise into a natural and automatic part of their routine.  Finding time for it, making it a priority, trying things you don't mind - maybe even end up liking to do - until it's just part of who you are every day.

For an increasing number of people, a Daily Body Practice can offer a realistic way to make movement and exercise a part of our daily lives. There's no getting around the fact-especially in the beginning - that you have to schedule exercise into your day and follow through with it.  But by offering yourself a reliable, fixed time to try out new activities, by paying attention to what your body is telling you while you're doing them you really can make exercise and mindful movement a natural part of your day.

What's a Daily Body Practice?

  • A physical activity you commit to and follow through with just about every day.
  • A habit of incorporating mindfulness into your fitness routine that changes your relationship to exercising altogether.
  • A reliable way to increase your health and overall sense of well being.
  • A habit of playing with and trying out different physical practices to find ones you enjoy and can incorporate into your daily life.
  • A way to incorporate principles of mindfulness into your fitness program: agility, balance, flexibility, strength.

How do I get started?

Getting started should be as easy as possible.  Explore your options to find what inspires you.  Familiarize yourself with our Body Practices.










Additional ways to explore...

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Option 1: Try our Signature Daily Body Practice, a balance of cardio, strength training, and using an activity journal.


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Option 2: Explore your options by choosing to Build Your Own Practice. We can help by guiding you through practice options you can mix and match to develop a workable, inspiring practice of your own.


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Option 3: Experiment with Other Body Practice Examples to discover what works best for you.g

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