About Mindful Body

Our mission is to inspire mindful living. The Mindful Body brings together a large collection of resources to help users discover and cultivate mindfulness and use it as the basis for developing sustainably healthy habits for life.  In a crowded sea of information - much of it mediocre - we've taken what we believe is the best and tried to present it in a manner that will be most useful.

It can be extremely frustrating looking for the answers and being inundated by information that may or may not be true. Many of us end up feeling more confused, unmotivated and unable to take the steps we want to live healthier and happier lives. After spending years in search of happier and healthier living-in books, at seminars, classes and retreats, through endless hours sifting through the massive amounts of information on the net-we were inspired to share our findings with others.

It became clear that it was time to share our vision.

We want everyone to know that we are not experts-we're a resource guide with a vision of mindfulness and an approach of daily practices. The information we offer isn't new - however, our approach to it is. We provide tangible steps or "practices" in the area mind, body and food that provide an increased ability to deal with daily life, renew optimism and increase an enthusiasm for living.

We have designed our site in way that breaks down the overwhelming topics of mind, body and food into simple, achievable steps or "practices."  Our intent is that you start with a small practice and eventually it will grow into a habit. It just becomes routine, like taking a shower or brushing your teeth.  We also offer links to related articles and websites and continue to develop a dynamic database that is rich in resources.  Whether you are looking to live a more mindful life, want to reduce stress and anxiety, cultivate a healthy body, or learn to eat healthier foods - you can find methods to do it here.  Our future plans, include building a community where people can share their stories and connect with others on specific topics of interest.


The Company

Founded in 2010, The Mindful Body was started by us - Heidi Howard and Kelly Ramsey - to share the transformative potential of a mindful approach with friends in the same small steps, playfulness and spirit of experimentation that had worked so well for us.

We sought to compile the best information we found scattered throughout books, websites, retreats and seminars into one place where we could present it simply and straightforwardly.  What works for one person may not work for the next, and The Mindful Body tries to offer flexibility and creativity.  The concept of a daily practice allows the freedom to explore, to try things on and to put them back when they don't work.  The notion of mindfulness - of being present, compassionate, accepting and even curious as we deal with our situations, ourselves and other people - plays a critical role in finding balance and developing long lasting healthy habits in the area of mind, body and food.