Thich Nhat Hanh
“Freedom is not given to us by anyone we have to cultivate it ourselves. It is a daily one can prevent you from being aware of each step you take or each breath in and breath out. ”-Thich Nhat Hanh

Signature Daily Mindful Practice Yoga Sequence

The following yoga poses are help to awaken the body and prepare the mind for meditation. Hold each pose for the time shown in parentheses.


Getting Started:

  1. Set an intention for your Daily Mindful Practice Maybe you want to feel more peaceful or find some relief from a difficult time you're going through.  Ask yourself, what do you want to create for the day?
  2. Try to perform your practice at same time each day or evening.  Schedule your practice as you would any other event in your life.
  3. Practice in a cool, quiet location with minimal distractions if possible.  Dim the lights and turn off the cell phone. If possible, use this same location every session.
  4. Review the Additional Recommendations and Considerations for yoga...


Watch Video:


Yoga Sequence Poses (15 minutes)

Sig Mindful Practice Yoga Seq Pics

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