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TitleUrlTypeSummary Weight Lossweightloss.about.comTool,ResourceWeight loss, exercise and healthy living categories provide a wealth of information on eating right, diet plans and conquering your weight. Provides tools for both diet and exercise.
American Heart Association 'No Fad Diet',Plan / ProgramPlan states that to lose weight effectively, you need to set realistic goals and create a personal action plan. Your planning should focus on you, your commitment to yourself, and the three essential circles — think smart, eat well and move more. Any step you take in the right direction — no matter how small — moves you closer to your weight-loss goals and a healthier life.
Atkins Dietwww.atkins.comTool,Resource,Plan / ProgramDiet plan that works by restricting carbohydrates drastically, causing the body to go into a state of ketosis, which means a body's energy is derived from ketones, the fuel created by the breakdown of fat stores. One feels less hungry in ketosis; however, it may cause unpleasant effects, such as unusual breath odor and constipation. The body changes from a carbohydrate-burning engine into a fat-burning engine and results in weight loss.
Biggest Loserwww.biggestloserclub.comTool,Resource,Plan / ProgramDiet based on Biggest Loser reality show which focuses on a healthy diet and exercise. Club membership includes personalized meal plan, recipes, and online access to the diet & fitness program used by the contestants. Interactive tools to assess your exercise and food habits and track your progress.
Bob Greenewww.thebestlife.comTool,Plan / ProgramGreene has authored over ten books concerning weight-loss, diet and health, including two books co-authored by Oprah Winfrey. He is a frequent guest on The Oprah Winfrey Show.
Calorie,ResourceOnline health tool, powered by, that focuses on a calorie calculator and exercise log. Created to provide guidance and support for a healthy lifestyle, it identifies which foods you will like and provides recipes, and allows networking with other like-minded health enthusiasts. New mobile app provides calorie counting service with logging-by-voice, offline functionality (iPod Touch + iPhone), and a 100% editorially curated food database.
Calorie Kingwww.calorieking.comTool,Resource,Plan / ProgramThe company offers products/services tailored specifically for US and Australian markets.Their website's resources include forums and an extensive library of recipes and health/weight management articles, with a program centered around healthy eating and exercise. In addition to its website, the company produces software and books based on the Calorie King food database, which contains over 50,000 foods (US version).
Daily Burn,Resource,Plan / ProgramProvides exercise and food tracking, along with customized programs for both. DailyBurn has cardio, strength, yoga, kickboxing, abs, mobility, core, metabolic conditioning, stretching, and more. They have workouts for beginners that are just getting started, and advanced workouts for those that really need a challenge. Additionally they offer a food journal and give recommendations for meals based on goals you set for yourself.
Daily,ResourceA website offering a customized, online calorie-counting tracker tool, BMI calculator, and fitness tracker, which includes a version for diabetics. The website also offers other weight loss and fitness tools, forums, and informative articles.
Diet Powerwww.dietpower.comTool,Plan / ProgramAn online resource for weight loss utilizing a Food Log tied to a Calorie Bank, like a checking account, where staying balanced means reaching your goals. The program also gives points for exercise. Includes a Nutrition Coach and Nutrient History, to monitor the fat, carbs, proteins and essential vitamins/minerals in meal choices. The program includes access to an online community and other features, such as a recipe analyzer and nutrition advice.,Resource,Plan / ProgramWebsite with information for dieters based on research, studies, and advice from nutritional experts. For subscribers, additional sections include a personalized diet plan, workout videos, and personal consultation with Dr. Kushner.
Dr. Weil's Optimum Health,Plan / ProgramA subscription website created by Andrew Weil, M.D. that gives users a customized, 8-week plan of incremental lifestyle and dietary changes for healthy living. The course introduces new ways to eat, think, and live your life, physically, mentally, and spiritually. Tools include a meal planner, member forum, journal, weight tracker, and encouragement videos and weekly e-mails from Dr. Weil.
Eat Right Website (American Dietetic Association),ResourceThe American Dietetic Association is the world's largest organization of food and nutrition professionals. ADA is committed to improving the nation's health and advancing the profession of dietetics through research, education and advocacy. Mission — Empowering members to be the nation's food and nutrition leaders Vision — Optimizing the nation's health through food and nutrition
Eat This Not,Resource,Plan / ProgramDiet book from Men's Health Editor-in-Chief David Zinczenko and Men's Health food and nutrition editor Matt Goulding. The diet is a tool to help dieters count calories and make good decisions. Part expose, part nutritional guide, and part picture book of food images it contains calorie, fat, sugar, carbohydrate, and sodium counts designed to help make smarter food choices, with recommended "eat this" foods on the left side of the page, and on the opposite side, "not that" foods.
Fitness Magazinewww.fitnessmagazine.comTool,Resource,Plan / ProgramMagazine with a focus on fitness which offers resources and tools to enhance and develop your body, mind and spirit.
Food,ResourceCreated by HealthCentral, whose mission is to empower millions of people to improve and take control of their health and well-being. seeks to promote and enhance the health of consumers by focusing on healthy eating and active living in the most credible and enjoyable ways.
Full Plate Dietwww.fullplatediet.orgTool,Resource,Plan / ProgramDiet, based on portion control, that advocates making small and gradual changes to lose weight, improve digestion, increase energy, and reduce disease risk. The goal is to increase fiber intake, which is not only healthier for your body, but it keeps you full longer.
HealthFit Counter (Nutricounter) hand-held nutrition and diet device for those who need or want to track their dietary intake (for diabetes, weight loss, etc.). Tracks calories, fats, carbohydrates, proteins, sugars, etc., and can be customized to fit specific diet needs, with over 2,000 food items in its memory and the ability to program additional food items. You can also track exercise, calculate calories burned, program goals (for weight, cholesterol, etc.) and enter your current BMI to monitor progress and stay motivated.
Jenny Craigwww.jennycraig.comTool,Plan / ProgramWeight loss program built on three tenets: food, body and mind. Dieters sign up for individual counseling and meal plans, utilizing Jenny Craig prepared foods of single-serving entrees and snacks, supplemented by fresh dairy, fruit, and vegetables purchased separately from any local market. After an initial interview, a personalized meal and fitness plan is prepared for you. Their In-Person Support plan requires attending weekly consultations and food pick-up at a Jenny Craig center; Jenny Direct offers phone support and home food delivery. Meals can be customized, ordered pre-planned, and include a vegetarian menu option and a menu specifically designed for adolescents.
Joy's Life Dietwww.joybauer.comTool,Plan / ProgramJoy's Life Diet book contains food plans and an exercise program, broken down into time period steps: the first step (1 week) is to release negative eating habits; the second step (2 weeks) is to relearn healthy eating choices; the third step (as long as needed) is the reshape phase, which includes the eating plan used to reach your goal weight; finally, there is the reveal step for maintenance and celebrating reaching your weight loss goals. Exercise is an integral part of Joy’s LIFE Diet and it is recommended that you get at least 30 minutes of cardio each day.
Kitchen Monki,ResourcePlan menus based on recipes you enter or from the existing database. Kitchen productivity tool that lets you organize your own recipes, share recipes among your friends and automate grocery list preparation.
Lose It!,Plan / Program,OtherWeight loss app that focuses on setting goals and establishing a daily calorie budget. You can track your food and exercise with the app on online and monitor your progress with reports. Also provides a social network for connecting with other members.
Meal Snap,Plan / ProgramMeal Snap lets you take pictures of the meal you eat, and then magically tells you what food was in your meal. The app then estimates how many calories you ate and logs the food in your daily tracker.
Metabolifewww.metabolife.comTool,OtherCompany focused on providing a variety of health products to people around the globe. MetaboLite specifically targets a healthy thyroid gland and claims to support the healthy functioning of the thyroid, which will promote a healthy metabolic rate. The product is also designed to support the digestive system and cellular nutrition.
My Fitness Pal,Plan / ProgramAt, they focus on making sure you can log your meals as quickly and easily as possible. Because the easier they make it for you, the more likely you are to stay on track, and the more likely you are to succeed in your weight loss goals.
My Food Diarywww.myfooddiary.comTool,ResourceAn online weight loss tool that offers a food search capability, a food diary to keep track of what you eat, an exercise log, support forums, and mobile phone assistance/technology.
My Plate (USDA Nutrition Guidelines)www.choosemyplate.govTool,ResourceAn online dietary and physical activity assessment tool that provides information on your diet quality, physical activity status, related nutrition messages, and links to nutrient and physical activity information.
MyPlate -,ResourceThe Center for Nutrition Policy and Promotion, an organization of the U.S. Department of Agriculture, was established in 1994 to improve the nutrition and well-being of Americans. Toward this goal, the Center focuses its efforts on two primary objectives: Advance and promote dietary guidance for all Americans, and conduct applied research and analyses in nutrition and consumer economics. The Center's core projects to support its objectives are the following: - Dietary Guidelines for Americans - USDA Food Guidance System (MyPlate, MyPyramid, Food Guide Pyramid) - Healthy Eating Index - U.S. Food Plans - Nutrient Content of the U.S. Food Supply - Expenditures on Children by Families
Nutrisystemwww.nutrisystem.comTool,Resource,Plan / ProgramDiet plan based on portion and calorie-controlled pre-packaged meals, with a meal-delivery service. Customized for women or men, plans include a Basic, Silver, Diabetic and Vegetarian menu option and feature the NutriSystem Advanced system of low-glycemic foods, omega-3 fatty acids to promote heart health, and fiber to promote satiety. Included is a Mindset Makeover behavioral guide and online access to health information, community support, weekly newsletters and tracking tools.
Nutrition Answershttp://nutrition.answers.comTool,ResourceInformative and comprehensive nutritional guide containing a variety of articles centered on healthy living
Nutrition Source (HSPH),ResourceHarvard School of Public Health nutrition source website. The Nutrition Source aims to provide timely, evidence-based information on diet and nutrition for clinicians, allied health professionals, and the public. Launched in 2003 by the Department of Nutrition at Harvard School of Public Health, The Nutrition Source accepts no advertising or commercial sponsorship, nor does it endorse any particular products., provides easy access to the best food and nutrition information from across the federal government. It serves as a gateway to reliable information on nutrition, healthy eating, physical activity, and food safety for consumers.
Nuvalwww.nuval.comToolScores the nutritional information of the food you eat to ensure you are eating within guidelines desired. The NuVal System scores food on a scale of 1-100. The higher the NuVal Score, the better the nutrition. It considers 30-plus nutrients and nutrition factors and then it boils it down into a simple, easy-to-use number.
Readers Digestwww.rd.comTool,Resource,OtherA monthly general interest family magazine that offers articles, information and tools in the areas of Food, Health, Home & garden, Holidays, Jokes & Fun, Sweepstakes, Games and Video.
Real Agewww.realage.comTool,ResourceWebsite offering information, videos, and tools for fitness workouts, looking younger, eating smart, soothing stress, assessing your health, healthy recipes, and skin care. Promotes weight loss through the "You" books (i.e. 'You: On a Diet', 'You: The Owner's Manual') introduced by Dr. Michael Roizen and Dr. Oz, who make a variety of suggestions for ways to better your health, take off pounds, and look younger. The website also offers a method for calculating your "real age", based on the age of your body due to environmental and lifestyle factors, not just time.
Shape Magazinewww.shape.comTool,ResourceMagazine based on fitness and health, with categories on Fitness, Virtual Trainer, Healthy Eating, Weight Loss, Health, Beauty & Style, Lifestyle, Shape Bride and Community. Lots of tools and resources, including workouts, diet reviews, recipes, advice, and basic information on mind elements.
SparkPeoplewww.sparkpeople.comTool,Plan / ProgramA goal-based, free weight loss program incorporating fitness, motivation, and goal-setting. Their macro-nutrient recommendations are a moderate fat, high carb, low protein diet, similar the guidelines of the USDA Food Pyramid. The website has an array of easy-to-use tools and a large set of social networking features, such as personal blogs, profiles, and other communication tools. Calorie counter and meal plans can also be accessed via your mobile smart phone using your browser or by downloading their app.
Web MDwww.webmd.comTool,Resource,Plan / ProgramFree online weight-loss planner that promotes healthy weight loss supported by science and research. The program suggests that eating habits are based on more than just hunger and involve other factors such as enjoyment, impulse, convenience, cultural background, our physique, metabolism and other factors. Diagnostics, based your profile, evaluate your eating habits and create a personalized eating plan. An interactive online food journal tracks your progress. The WebMD Weight Loss Clinic also encourages daily exercise, with access to a fitness expert who can design a personalized exercise program.
Weight Watcherswww.weightwatchers.comTool,Resource,Plan / ProgramProgram that uses weekly meetings and weigh-ins for motivation and behavioral support for diet and exercise changes; similar online support is also available. A point value is assigned to each food on a comprehensive list of more than 27,000 foods, based on its calories, fat and fiber content, and also features Power Foods, which are specific foods that are not just healthy, but also help to keep you feeling satisfied. For those who workout, they are rewarded with activity points, which become food POINTS that will allow you to indulge in something extra during the week. Dieters can either earn or spend “points” with food and exercise, or consume specified foods with a “Core” plan. Website offers good exercise and diet advice with workout plans, recipes, great budget meal advice.
Whole Livingwww.wholeliving.comTool,ResourceA magazine about improving one's mental and physical health through various means including nutrition, massage, meditation, and various self- improvements.
Women's Healthwww.womenshealthmag.comTool,ResourceA lifestyle magazine with actionable and practical advice for being healthy, physically and emotionally. Practical advice on nutrition, fitness, sex and relationships, style and beauty. Sections can be found in each issue and on their website include: Success Strategies, Nutrition, Weight Loss, Fitness, Special Reports, Health, Sex & Relationship, Beauty Breakthroughs, Style & Fashion. Website provides a "Fit Coach" Tool that includes a fitness plan and tools for diet and exercise.