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If Weight-Loss is a Personal Goal for you

While weight loss is not the primary goal of this website, you may be personally seeking to lose weight. Use the links below to better understand your weight loss needs and goals so that you can find the right program for your lifestyle.


1. Determine how much weight you need to lose with BMI

2. Calculate the number of calories your body actually needs with BMR

3. Determine a diet program type that will work for you

4. Peruse general weight loss tips


Determine how much weight you need to lose with BMI…

Body mass index (BMI) is a statistical measure of an individual's weight scaled according to his/her height. Basically it is a simple index of weight-for-height and is a useful tool and for most individuals to classify their current weight and determine an ideal or happy weight for themselves.

Calc your BMI


Calculate the number of calories your body actually needs with BMR…

If you understand the amount of calories your body needs to function then you can determine how many calories are needed to maintain your current weight and then how many to lose weight. There is a right number of calories for you to eat each day. This number depends on your age, activity level, and whether you're trying to lose, maintain or even gain weight.

Calc your BMR


Determine a diet program type that will work for you...

In the end there is no magic trick that any diet plan or program can give you to lose weight - the fundamentals of weight loss are the same for everyone: reduce calorie intake and/or increase calorie expenditure through movement. However, what foods you eat and how much of them you eat as part of your reduced calorie diet is where plans and programs can seek to help you. When choosing a program the following tips can be very helpful:

  • Use a weight-loss program you're comfortable with. Some people prefer group support, while others would rather have individual attention. Many programs offer a choice of formats, including: group, home, work or Internet-based options.
  • Make sure the program is flexible and fits your lifestyle. Ensure the plan you choose is adaptable to your lifestyle. Think about all the things you do and your schedule, including: travel, vacations, quick commuter meals, socializing, dining out or family cooked meals.
  • The diet should be based on real foods. Ultimately you will need to learn to prepare healthful meals for yourself, which requires understanding portion sizes and nutritional information.
  • A healthy lifestyle should be encouraged. A good program should teach you skills that will allow you to continue to eat health even after you reach your weight loss goal. Good programs should include help with other elements of a healthy lifestyle, such as exercise, stress management, recognizing psychological or situational triggers for overeating, or developing an appropriate body image.
  • Ongoing support is important. Look for plans that involve a maintenance plan structure. The best programs continue to offer encouragement even after you reach your goal weight.
  • Make sure the pricing structure is clear and you understand it. Review the cost elements such as: up-front fee, routine fees, proprietary food purchases, supplements and cancellation costs.
  • Avoid plans that push diet pills. If the plan you're considering requires you to buy pills, its focus is on your losing money, not weight.
  • Fad diets aren't healthy. Watch out for diets in which you subsist on just one type of food (like cabbages and grapefruits). A balanced diet with protein, carbohydrates, fruits and vegetables, is necessary for a good long-term eating plan.

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Purple Flower

Fee based weight loss plans you may like:

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General Weight Loss Tips...

Every person is different and as a result weight loss methods will vary for each. The one constant is that learning to eat in a healthy way and understand what your body needs is something everyone should do.

Weight loss tips


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