Journaling Practices

BooksWe agree with the experts: keeping a journal has great results. Nutritionists' recommend that you keep track of your meals, fitness experts tell you to keep an exercise journal and even Oprah insists on a gratitude journal. Writing things down helps us to gain perspective, recognize patterns, and ultimately learn more about ourselves.

Don't make it cumbersome-do it your own way.  Note progress, set goals, reflect on the day, vent. Sometimes, it's about creativity or personal discovery.  At other times, it's a pragmatic way to log your eating habits or record your exercise activity.


7 Good Reasons to Journal - It Can…

  1. Clarify your thoughts, feelings and aspirations
  2. Train you to be observant and mindful of daily life
  3. Help you solve problems, sort ideas out and make choices more effectively
  4. Empower or inspire you
  5. Allow you to examine yourselves in a safe way, without judgment from others
  6. Help you set goals and measure progress
  7. Help manage stress


Look over the different types of journals we suggest below and see which ones are for you: