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General Recommendations

  • Remember this workout is for you - to make you feel good about yourself - not just about your body but also about your accomplishment
  • Repeat the mantra: "It is my choice to do this workout." - this mantra, reminds me that exercise is not a punishment or a situation forced upon me, I have made the choice to workout because I value myself. Additionally if I remind myself that I have chosen to do this, my mental resistance to the workout subsides and it makes me less resistant.
  • Smile and breath - force the smile if need be - it helps trick your own brain that you are happy to be sweating rather than sleeping.
  • Drink water!!!


Before You Begin

Warm up and streach. Learn more...


Practice Instructions


1. Determine a plan - what you will do, what days you will do it on and what time.

Determine Your Cardiovascular Activity Plan

→ Choose one of the following cardio activities:

  • Walk / Run (Outside or on treadmill) for 30 minutes
  • Stationary Bike or Elliptical for 30 minutes
  • At Home Workout: (this workout can be broken down into 10min segments if time is an issue
    • Warm-up: March in place - 1minute
    • Alternate 1 minute of jump rope with 2 minutes jumping jacks for 10 minutes
    • Run in place (or outside around the block) for 10 minutes
    • Alternate 1 minute of jump rope with 2 minutes jumping jacks for 10 minutes
    • Cool-down: March in place - 1 minute

→ Schedule your activity as you would an appointment or routine errand

  • Determine the five days and the exact time on those days when you will do the cardio activity chosen
  • Record it in your schedule


→ The Signature Daily Body Practice focuses on moderate intensity and the related goal is to get your heart rate to about 60 to 85% of your "maximum heart rate."  Learn more...


If you would like additional guidance on the choosing cardio see the cardio page or checkout these other resources: