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Apps and Tools that enhance my daily practice

written by Sarah Church

There is a new app produced every second…or at least it seems that way. In reality, there are over 475,000 apps for the iPhone and at least 8,000 of them are for health and fitness. Not to mention the apps for the iPad and various other smartphones and tablets. Apps are great on long flight or even waiting in line at the grocery store. I have a meditation app that I use on flights to calm down and enjoy the journey. While waiting in the line at the grocery store I use an app to plan my next hiking trip. But whether you want to use your phone, laptop or iPad I have found the following tools to be the most helpful in your Daily Practice efforts:




  • All-In Yoga - offers text, audio, picture and video instructions for over 200 poses and breathing exercises ($, AppStore)
  • Yoga Tailor -http://www.yogatailor.com/ - design your own yoga session (Website, Free trial subscription)



  • Simply Being - guided meditation for relaxation and presence lets you choose your length and whether you want music, nature sounds of just voice guidance. ($, AppStore)


BODYPull up Bar

Yoga: See Mind section above



  • Cadence Run DJ - searches your iTunes music library for songs to go with your desired pace or creates a playlist from it's own streaming radio station. ($, AppStore)
  • Racing for CardioTrainer - Audio coach will interrupt your music with coach-like prompting. It will give you messages on how you are doing based on your previous sessions or point out how much further you have to reach your goal. ($, Android)
  • Gymgoal ABC - for those new to the gym the app will walk you through 280 exercises using equipment and weights. Or you can look at exercises to target specific muscles. (Free, AppStore)
  • Run Coach Pro - will design a week-by-week training plan to help you prep for a race, marathon or other personal goal. ($, AppStore)
  • iHeartRate - a simple and easy to use heart rate monitor that provides a target heart rate meter and calories burned calculator for use during your workout. You can also use it to monitor your body fat % and BMI. ($, AppStore)
  • EveryTrail - Track, share, and explore trips with other travelers and find new things to do based on other's trips. You can map your trip with GPS, add photos and then share the map and trip. ($, AppStore)
  • iTreadmill - simple and easy to use pedometer to record the number of steps you take. Use it while working out or just during the day. ($, AppStore)
  • Motionx GPS - great for when you workout outside and are traveling. Shows your position on maps and records your trip along with distance, time and average speed. ($, AppStore)
  • RoadRunner - simple and easy to use run tracker that uses GPS to display your speed, distance and route. It will also compute how many calories you burned. ($, AppStore)
  • Walkmeter GPS - combines a GPS, goal tracker and activity journal all in one app. ($$, AppStore)
  • Runkeeper - uses GPS to track your run/walk and calculate the calories you have burned. ($, Android)


Strength Training:

  • Kettlebell Workout - text and video instructions to take you through a 20 or 30 minute routine of kettlebell exercises. ($, AppStore)


Fitness Programs:

  • Workouts - activity journal, which allows you to record your workouts and create charts and stats of your progress. ($, AppStore)
  • Gym Buddy - activity journal that allows for very detailed and elaborate tracking and planning based on goals. ($, AppStore)
  • GymTechnik - website that allows you to track your workout routines online or on your smartphone. It provides cardio and strength training routines or you can pick and choose exercises to build your own. While not an app the site is designed to be used on small screens so you can still access your workouts anytime, anywhere. (Free, http://www.gymtechnik.com/ )
  • Fitness Builder - design your own fitness program from a huge library of exercise images and videos. You can also get access to a personal trainer, performance tracking tools, fitness calculators, and scheduling tools. ($$, AppStore)


FOODBerries and Milk

Healthy Eating:

  • Eating Well Healthy in a Hurry app - selection of the magazine's 200 best and fastest recipes. Easy to use functionality and full nutritional info is provided for all recipes. (Free, AppStore)
  • Foodpics Log - simplified food journal where you take a picture of your food and it is recorded with a date and time stamp. You can add text notes and have pics analyzed by food experts to get portion and nutritional info added in. ($, AppStore)
  • Kitchen Monki - Plan menus based on recipes you enter or from the existing database. Kitchen productivity tool that lets you organize your own recipes, share recipes among your friends and automate grocery list preparation. (Free, http://www.kitchenmonki.com/ )
  • The Snack App - offers hundreds of ideas for snacks that are between 50 and 200 calories. Search by you're craving or chose a Surprise Me! Option. (Free, AppStore)



  • My Food Diary - online food journal has the largest database of foods so you can look up what you eat and it will record it in your journal along with detailed nutritional information - including vitamins, minerals and fiber intake. Also provides an activity journal and extensive reporting abilities. ($,  http://www.myfooddiary.com/)


Established Plans:

  • Lose It! - weight loss app that focuses on setting goals and establishing a daily calorie budget. You can track your food and exercise with the app on online and monitor your progress with reports. Also provides a social network for connecting with other members. (Free, AppStore or www.loseit.com)
  • Vtrim - a research-based online weight management program that helps you understand, de-code and repackage your attitudes and behaviors about eating and exercise. It's not just about the foods you choose, it's about recognizing your personal habits and learning new behaviors. ($$, http://www.vtrimonline.com/)



These, more tangible tools can also be a great help to your practices:

  • Taylor's The Biggest Loser Cal-Max Electronic Scale - calculates BMI and a "maintenance" calorie intake level for you
  • Tanita's Fitscan Body Composition Monitor - calculates the number of calories needed to maintain your current weight along with calculating you body composition of fat versus lean mass.
  • Cesto Portable Nutrition Tracker - portable kitchen scale and nutritional tracker is ultra slim and allows the user to have access to weight and nutritional data at home and away. The user friendly touch glass display shows calories, sodium, protein, fat, carbohydrates, cholesterol or fiber via the input of 999 different food codes. Can calculate total nutritional value for up to 99 different meal components. ($$, www.escali.com )
  • Slimware - dinnerware that helps you maintain portion sizes and meal balance with specialized designs that show you food placement areas and the size of the portion. For example, a plate may have three flowers: one large flower for vegetables, a smaller flower for protein and then another smaller flower for starch. ($, www.slimware.com)


Happy Exploring!!

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