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Finding healthy food that you really enjoy!

I eat a salad everyday - but it is not because I am trying to be healthy or lose weight - oddly enough I really love lettuce. To me that is the best way to "be healthy", find those foods that I truly enjoy that just happen to be healthy at the same time. Now this is also assuming that you have decided you want to make some changes in your life and are seeking ways to feel better. So I am not representing that I love lettuce more than ice cream - but in general, I truly enjoy salads.Fork bite




As a child however, I hated salad and I had to force myself to eat it as a young adult. Then one evening I had dinner at a friend's house and they used butter lettuce in the salad. Suddenly a whole new world opened to me- I realized there were varieties of lettuce beyond iceberg and romaine. I also realized that my aversion to salad was really only a hated of iceberg lettuce - so the biggest hurdle to healthy eating (for me) was overcoming childhood misgivings.

The US Department of Agriculture indicates that choices are often limited by what is available in a person's immediate environment, including what their family, friends and community eat. Along with what is available in stores, restaurants, schools, and worksites. Further, the proportion of daily calorie intake from foods eaten away from home has increased. Due to this changing food environment, individuals need to deliberately make food choices, both at home and away from home, that are nutrient dense, low in calories, and appropriate in portion size.

So when considering what you like and what you don't like, it might be helpful to realize that: part of it is your actual taste buds and the other part of it is the limits of your diet as a child. Research has shown that your taste buds develop most as a child and then become less sensitive with age. So if you were exposed to something as a child - such as a new food - your taste buds would become more in tune with it and accept it more as an adult. However your taste buds continue to change and adapt with age so. You actually may like things now that you thought you didn't as a child. You can train your taste buds to like new things by trying them out. So open yourself to new experiences and try a variety of foods that you have never really enjoyed. Like lettuce - have you tried all the kinds - there are hundreds of kinds of greens that can be used in a salad. If you still don't like it, ok - try again in 7 years when your taste buds change.

The idea is not to force yourself to eat salad, but to find what healthy foods, such as vegetables, that you really do like. It all starts with paying attention to what you are choosing to eat and why you are making those choices. You may like a lot more healthy foods than you think, just give them another try!

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