My Morning Mantra

written by Sarah C.

Sometimes in the morning, I take a moment before diving into email or walking into the craziness of my office to read a quote or poem that offers me inspiration or sets a coarse for my intentions that day. As I read, I take deep breaths and allow the words to ground me in what is truly important in life - living, being in the present moment. Some days it is the beauty of Walt Whitman and other days I want the seriousness of Gandhi.

The words can become your mantra for the day - repeated in your head as the tasks of the day start to overwhelm or if you start to find yourself going into negative thoughts. Here are some of my favorites to help inspire you:


  • Don't confuse being busy with being productive. Achievement and purpose can't be rushed.


  • Fresh insights emerge when you view the world from a different angle.


  • Wisdom comes with what you let go of, not what you hold onto.


  • Aging isn't about losing yourself but affirming who you are, who you've been all along.


  • Sitting between your past and your future doesn't mean your in the present.


  • Really listen to the answer when you ask "How are you?" - we are all so busy that it is easy to disregard how others are feeling. But asking, "How are you?" with warmth and compassion can lift your spirits. Pay attention to the response - both words and expressions to try and find out what is really going on and let the other person know you care. Hopefully it will mean as much to them as it does to you.


  • "With every rising of the sun, Think of your life as just begun. The past has shrived and buried deep, All yesterday - there let them sleep… Concern yourself with but today, Woo it and teach it to obey, Your wish and will. Since time began, Today has been the friend of man… You and today! A soul sublime, And the great pregnant hour of time. With God between to bind and twain - Go forth I say - attain - attain." Ella Wheeler Wilcox


Any passage from Walt Whitman's Leaves of Grass can calm me and refocus my energy, but here is my favorite:

"I exist as I am, that is enough,

If no other in the world be aware I sit content,

And if each and all be aware I sit content…

I am the poet of the body,

And I am the poet of the soul."

There are a lot of days, though, that I simply repeat to myself:

"I am enough"

Repeating this mantra and actually thinking about what it means that I - Just as I am - are enough - I could be healthier, kinder, etc. but I don't have too - because my being is enough. Too many times I let the weight of expectations and feelings of unworthiness cloud my judgment and get in the way of contentment. I find peace in reminding myself that what I am now is enough and that anything additional is just frosting.


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